ISECON 2014 Presentation: Experiential Learning using QlikView

I had a great presentation on Qlikview today at ISECON 2014 in Baltimore. I met an amazing group of educators who are passionate about their discipline and supportive in the efforts undertaken by their colleagues. I received great feedback on my presentation and paper, and learned how Big Data can could be applied in our curriculum through other presentations. I got to see a little bit of Baltimore through the lens of the Inner Harbor in addition to networking and learning.


If you are interested in learning more on how QlikView is being used in my Business Intelligence class, follow the link to my paper as published in the 2014 ISECON Proceedings. The slides from my presentation are below for your reference.

Presentation on Big Data at Millikin on 10.2

On Thursday, October 2, 2014, Al Naqvi, Executive Vice President & CFO, Illinois Health and Science, will be giving a presentation entitled “The power of big data to transform our world.”  The presentation will take place in the East Room of lower RTUC at 7:30 PM, and is free and open to the public.

Mr. Naqvi will discuss our current age of big data, where today the data produced in a single day exceeds the total data produced by the human civilization since its inception through year 2003.  The talk by Al Naqvi will introduce big data technology, and discuss how we might be able to use big data technology to turnaround Decatur’s economy.

Mr. Naqvi’s presentation is being hosted by the Millikin University Institute for Science Entrepreneurship whose mission is to connect Millikin University, its students, and the greater community to opportunities for personal, professional, and organizational advancement through science entrepreneurship.

The remainder of the Fall 2014 Millikin University Science Entrepreneurship Speaker Series is as follows:


Thursday, October 2
Al Naqvi, Executive Vice President & CFO, Illinois Health and Science
7:30 p.m., Lower Richards Treat University Center
Topic: The power of big data to transform our world

Thursday, October 23
Mark Rank, Herbert S. Hadley Professor of Social Welfare, Washington University
7:30 p.m., Lower Richards Treat University Center
Topic: Chasing the American Dream

Thursday, November 20
Bill O’Grady, Chief Market Strategist, Confluence Investment Management
7:30 p.m., Lower Richards Treat University Center
Topic: Entrepreneurship, inequality and inflation.