Student-run Venture Career Fair on 11/1

November 1st 2017 4-6pm in the University Commons 140, 142, 150, 152 

Why do we need a Student Venture Career Fair?

  1. Students that are required to take a student venture often don’t know all the options they have. This will bring awareness so they can pick one that they are passionate about or they think they can make the most difference.
  2. Ventures often get students through telling their friends to join the class. This would provide ventures with a more diverse student pool and increase visibility.
  3. This is a good opportunity for potential students to visit and see yet another layer of what Millikin has to offer.

Student Ventures to be involved:

  1. Blue Brew Coffee Shop
  2. Big Blue Personal Training
  3. Blue Connection Retail Art Gallery
  4. Blue Satellite Press
  5. Bronze Man Books Publishing Company
  6. Carriage House Press
  7. First Step Records
  8. Ignite Studios Ad Agency and Gaphic Design Firm
  9. MUPC IT Consulting
  10. Pipe Dreams Studio Theatre

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