Data Privacy and Security Online Course 6/7-7/26

I am offering an IN251 course this summer, online, titled Data Privacy and Security. We will be examining how companies collect, store, and often share our personal information of purposes of “surveillance capitalism.” It’s not meant to be a technical course, but will have some fun elements where you’ll get to understand what your “data footprint” is online and strategies you can employ to limit the amount of data being shared. Below is the full description and welcome paragraph from the syllabus.
The course is also cross-listed as IS260-01, Data Privacy and Security, and can count as an I.S. Elective. The course is listed on the summer course schedule as IN251-02, Data Privacy and Security from 6/7 – 7/26. For more information, visit
More about the Course

We create a digital footprint every day through our internet activity, our shopping, our travel, and our consumption. Much of this is being used for the purposes of “surveillance capitalism” or the monetization of our data to drive targeted marketing and advertising. We’ll wrestle with tough questions from why and how organizations are collecting and sharing our data to what strategies we can employ to safeguard the data we don’t want shared. You’ll have the opportunity to dig deeper into a current issue related to data privacy and security, perform primary research, and share your work with your classmates.

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