What I.S. Projects Do You Want to ShowCase? #TaborPerforms

Applications are now being accepted for
Celebrations of Scholarship/Poster Symposium Day
Friday, April 28, 2017.

The eighth annual Celebrations of Scholarship will showcase the outstanding work of Millikin students. During this celebratory event, students will present the results of their research, scholarship, and creative efforts to the Millikin community.
In addition, the Annual Research Poster Symposium will highlight the scholarly work completed by students.

The application for Celebrations of Scholarship is available at: https://www.millikin.edu/webform/celebrations-scholarship

FINAL DEADLINE for submission will be March 10, 2017

The application for Poster Symposium is available at: https://www.millikin.edu/cos-poster-symposium

FINAL DEADLINE for submission will be April 3, 2017


Questions regarding application or submission may be directed to Lori Gilbert and Kathy Housh at celebrationsofscholarship@millikin.edu


Android Lab 4 – User Input, Variables, and Operations

In this lab, I build upon the previous labs and incorporate additional options for the controls, use radio buttons, and use Java and if-else statements to control logic in this weight conversion application. Changing the application icon is also discussed. Our apps continue to progress and build upon previous lessons. We can begin to see more sophistication and capabilities as new features and tools are introduced through these labs. The full set of labs can be found on my Android Boot Camp page on my website.