#MK365 Instagram Safari


Welcome to the Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom Instagram Safari. In this safari, you will be documenting your experience with photographs of possibly difficult things to find around the two parks. It will require that you be observant. At least one member of your team must be in each picture. An additional point will be added if the entire team is in the photo. To be successful, some subjects may require a little creativity, but don’t bring anything from the list into the park with you.  

This is a graded assignment, but also a competition between the teams.

  • You are required to obtain at least 25 of the objectives from Animal Kingdom and 5 of the objectives from Magic Kingdom on Tuesday, January 12, to receive a passing grade.
  • Point totals will be scored by awarding one point for each objective plus one additional point if every member of the team is in the photo.
  • There will be prizes awarded for:
    • The team with the most number of objectives completed.
    • The team with the most number of total points.

All photos must be posted to Instagram using the #MK365 hashtag. (Pics or it didn’t happen!)

* Example photos are not to be taken literally.

  1. dragon
    A Dragon
  2. An animal in a habitat where it doesn’t belong
    An animal in a habitat where it doesn’t belong
  3. Someone in mid-jump in front of the entry to a new land
  4. Giraffe
  5. Tiger
  6. Bears
  7. A Coca Cola sign in another language
  8. A brass drinking fountain
  9. A celebration button
  10. A Mickey Balloon
    A Mickey Balloon
  11. A Cast Member performing a magic moment
  12. File_000 (1)
    A team picture with a mountain in the background
  13. A crate or a barrel
  14. IMG_3770
    A child dressed in a Disney costume
  15. A footprint larger than your head
  16. A lion
    A lion
  17. File_000 (2)
    A waterfall
  18. A payphone
  19. Lost and Found
  20. A child too large to be in a stroller, in a stroller
  21. A quarter in a fountain
  22. Animal Kingdom Dedication Stone
    Animal Kingdom Dedication Stone
  23. Ankole
  24. A selfie with Carrie or RJ
    A selfie with Carrie or RJ
  25. A stroller parking sign
  26. IMG_1797
    A sign that prohibits something
  27. Guests studying a map
  28. Video of a team member riding an attraction
  29. An upside-down tree
    An upside-down tree
  30. A flag from another country
  31. Picture, video or sound clip of interview with a cast member or guest after visiting an attraction as part of your park research.
  32. A wait time posting more than 30 minutes
    A wait time posting more than 30 minutes
  33. A video of a member of the team using a drum
  34. Ants
  35. A fish
  36. A team picture with either Walt or Roy Disney
  37. Bats
  38. A Guest wearing socks with sandals
  39. A hidden Mickey
  40. IMG_1759
    A Mickey Mouse sticker
  41. Someone wearing a rain poncho
  42. One of the seven dwarfs
  43. A Mickey-shaped treat
  44. A team photo
    A team photo
  45. Something with 8 legs
  46. A character that cannot sign his/her name with a pen
  47. Meerkats
  48. A Gorilla
    A Gorilla
  49. Someone from your team using the Magic Band
    Someone from your team using their Magic Band
  50. A team picture at TomorrowLand Terrace

Photo Gallery of #MK365 – Performance Learning Can be Fun! #Millikin

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